tom fraczek

front-end developer

I approach each project individually so no website templates are ever used! My work ends when everyone is happy!

I know how important deadlines are! So I always make a point to always finish my projects on time.

There’s no point in building a nice website if no one can't find it! That’s the reason why each of my projects follow Google SEO guideline.

about me

My name is Tom, I am a self learner web developer who is based in London. I specialize in building intuitive, and adaptive websites and applications.

All of my projects use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Although my adventure with front-end development just began, I am ready to tackle all the challenges standing in front of me.

Outside of my professional career, I'm a qualified CAPOEIRA instructor with almost 15 years experience.

what i do

I help businesses succeed in the online world by creating, unique & bespoke websites.

To do so, I always build websites around two goals:
Converting visitors into customers!
Designing websites from a User Experience Perspective


Decision App (ToDo) - React JS

London Work Experience

Accommodation 4 London

Amantes da Capoeira - Template

Barber Template

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